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Many Injured Workers Feel Unsupported, Frustrated by Claims Process

A recent study has found that injured workers are often left feeling frustrated and fending for themselves after they file a workers' compensation claim. The survey of injured workers by researchers at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada found that workers reacted in a number of ways when experiencing "procedural" unfairness, frustration in how [...]

Litigation Grows Over Wire-Transfer Fraud Coverage

Businesses hit by wire transfer scams are increasingly finding it difficult to get their claims paid under their insurance policies unless they have either a crime or cyber insurance policy that covers "computer fraud." Wire fraud occurs when an employee is duped by someone posing in an e-mail as a company executive or trusted client [...]

Proposed Rule Could Turn Independent Contractors into Employees

The Biden administration has proposed a new federal rule that will make it more difficult for employers to classify workers as independent contractors. If the new rule takes effect, companies that use independent contractors will have to reevaluate their relationships with these outside workers. Companies who hire contractors that work exclusively for them will have [...]

If Your Business Uses Drones, Make Sure Your Insurance Is in Order

If your company uses drones or plans to use them as part of your operations, you are faced with a unique set of risks that can leave you exposed to a variety of possible liabilities. That's why it's important that you are properly insured to cover any legal liability in the event of property damage, [...]

Staff Texting Blows Holes in Communications Policies

If your employees are communicating with each other and clients using texting or instant messaging using their own phones, should you ever need access to those communications you could be in a for a rude surprise. While the immediacy of texting and instant messaging is great for business as it allows faster communications, better collaboration [...]

How to Get Your Business Insurance Claim Paid

For the most part, when a business needs to file an insurance claim, the carrier accepts the claim and sends out an adjuster to assess the damage, after which it starts paying the claim. But the process sometimes doesn't go smoothly, particularly if the insurance policy includes any number of exclusions. And many companies make [...]

Your Liability Every Time Someone Enters Your Facility

One sure-fire way for a business to get sued is if a visitor — a customer, vendor or any third party — injures themselves while on your premises. Injury lawsuits can be costly, with outlays for medical costs and potential lost income if the injured party misses work, punitive damages if the case goes to [...]

How to Deal with the ‘Monday Morning Workers’ Comp Surprise’

The "Monday morning surprise" — the term for when an employee approaches you on the first morning of the working week to report an injury he or she sustained at work on Friday — can be a dreaded situation for an employer. Nearly all organizations face this at some point and the injury report is [...]

Small Firms Increasingly Need Directors and Officers Coverage

While directors and officers liability has been traditionally thought of as insurance for publicly traded companies, increasingly it's smaller companies that account for the largest share of exposure among top decision-makers. A study published by the news website Advisen found that over the past 10 years, small businesses accounted for 70% of all D&O insurance [...]

New Cyber Attacks Can Sneak Ransomware onto Your Network

As businesses have gotten wise to malicious e-mails that try to trick their employees into clicking on unfamiliar links in e-mails, cyber criminals have devised a new way to con people into opening up their networks — a method called "BazarCall." Ransomware is a type of malicious software (malware) that blocks a user from accessing [...]

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