Workplace Class-Action Lawsuits Are Spiking

Class-action lawsuits by workers against employers have risen dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic and settlement amounts have hit record levels, a trend that is likely to continue in 2022, according to a new report. The report by law firm Seyfarth Shaw, LLP highlights the biggest litigation threats employers face in these unprecedented times of economic [...]

8 Tips to Shorten the Life of Workers’ Comp Claims

One workers' compensation claim can send your experience modifier spiraling out of control if the injured employee stays away from work for an extended period of time. The longer they are off work, the more costly the claim becomes since they will continue receiving temporary disability payments. That's in addition to any medical expenses that [...]

Cyber Attacks, Number One Risk for Businesses: Survey

A new survey has found that cyber risks have risen to become the number one concern among businesses, replacing the COVID-19 pandemic and business interruption as the top risks in 2022. The second-most cited risk was business interruption and supply chain disruptions, followed by natural catastrophes, according to the "Allianz Risk Barometer 2022." The rankings [...]

What You Need to Know About Business Owner’s Policies

Business insurance can get complicated. Businesses need to protect themselves against damage to their property, income they may lose if they have to shut down after their property is damaged, and the risk of lawsuits. With the risks of crime and other types of losses that separate policies cover, there can be a lot to [...]

Emergency Escape Plans Save Employee Lives; Do You Have One?

What would your employees do in an emergency? Are they prepared for the unexpected? Do they know what to do? Do they know whom to call for help? Are they qualified to help? If you answered yes to these questions, then great, but if you answered no, then you need to pay special attention. All [...]

Employers Fear Liability from ‘Take-Home’ COVID-19 Lawsuits

Can someone recover damages from a business if they claim that a family member caught COVID-19 at work and spread it to them? For California businesses, a court recently said that they might be able to. And courts in other states may use the decision as guidance. A California appellate court in December ruled that [...]

Sexual Harassment Lawsuits: How to Protect Your Company

By now, employers should all realize and understand that sexual harassment is illegal. Employers are directly responsible for employee behavior, which gives harassed workers recourse in bringing legal actions against those that employ them. Work-related harassment and discrimination cases have been steadily climbing since the Civil Rights Act of 1991 allowed for trial by jury, [...]

Coverage Gap Concerns as Cyber Threat Grows

Small and mid-sized businesses are increasingly being targeted for cyber attacks, as criminals consider them low-hanging fruits that often do not have the resources in place to mount a strong defense. A severe attack on a small company can incapacitate its ability to do business, and the expenses of getting operations back on track — [...]

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