As Workplace Violence Increases, a New Policy Covers Associated Costs

As violence and mass shootings in American workplaces increasingly make the news, more and more businesses are taking added precautions to prevent acts of violence at their facilities, but they also face substantial costs if violence does erupt. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports nearly 2 million people suffer from workplace violence every year, [...]

As Employees Come Back to Workplace, Experts Fear Lawsuit Tsunami

As more Americans are returning to the workplace, employers are now faced with the difficult issue of transitioning reluctant staff back as well as complaints and legal action from the most reluctant of workers. Already some returning workers have started to sue their employers, often accusing them of not adequately protecting their workers against COVID-19 [...]

How to Bring Staff Back to Work during Pandemic

As the economy starts opening up again, so are offices, restaurants and other worksites, but because we're not yet out of the pandemic woods, employers will need to contend with a myriad of paperwork issues, how to phase returning workers back, workplace safety compliance, and more. The process of reopening and bringing staff back needs [...]

Growing Online Risks Spur Personal Cyber Insurance

As we have become more dependent on smartphones and computers to make many parts of our lives easier and more convenient, this connectivity and technology come at a cost in terms of potential risks and liabilities. We are more vulnerable to having our personal data being hacked, our identities stolen, our computer frozen and our [...]

Few Employers Mandate COVID-19 Vaccine for Workers

As the vaccine rollout continues most employers seem to be avoiding requiring their workers to get the inoculation, especially considering the legal risks and increasing number of bills introduced in state legislatures that would ban such mandates. Additionally, many people are skeptical of the vaccines and some may have religious objections to getting vaccines. As [...]

What Cyber Insurance Underwriters Look For

As the number of cyber attacks against businesses continues to grow, insurers that provide cyber liability and other cyber-related coverage have started intensifying their scrutiny of their clients' databases and operational security. When a business suffers a cyber attack it could result in fraudulent wire transfers or having its systems rendered frozen, which can be [...]

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