Reporting Workers’ Comp Claims Late Can Push up Costs Nearly 50%

One of the keys to keeping the costs of a workers' compensation claim from spiraling out of control is prompt claims reporting. Claims are routinely filed late, either by the injured worker who fails to report it to the employer, or the employer dawdling or procrastinating and not reporting the claim to its insurer. Either [...]

Think Like a Risk Manager to Reduce Your Insurance Costs

All large corporations and national businesses have someone in charge of risk management, if not a whole department. But hiring a risk specialist or dedicating a number of employees to that kind of work is typically too expensive for most small and mid-sized companies. So, this risk mitigation typically is left to the business owner [...]

Companies Bleed Data as Employees Move It Offsite

The more employees are working from home, the greater the risk that their employers' sensitive date is also being stored on their poorly secured devices and laptops. A new study by Symantec Corp. found many employees are sharing, moving and exposing sensitive company data as part of carrying out the requirements of their jobs, and [...]

Spiking Materials Costs Imperil Apartment, Commercial Projects

Construction firms are reeling from snowballing costs of building materials due to spiking demand and supply chain snarls that are resulting in massive budget cost overruns. This is especially affecting construction businesses that are managing apartment or commercial projects. These cost overruns are imperiling profits — and risking red ink — on the projects after [...]

The Types of Insurance a Small Business Needs

If you are just getting a business off the ground, have bought equipment and started hiring employees, insurance should be top of mind. There are four types of insurance that most small businesses purchase to protect themselves, and without them one accident or oversight could leave you with liabilities you may not be able to [...]

OSHA Cracks Down on Heat Hazards in the Workplace

In response to growing heat-related illnesses in the workplace, Fed-OSHA has announced a new program aimed at preventing such illness. Extreme heat is becoming more frequent and severe during the spring and summer. In the summer of 2021, the temperature exceeded 100 degrees on three consecutive days — in Seattle, a normally temperate city. Hotter [...]

Return to Work Not Just for Workers’ Compensation Claimants

More employers are using return-to-work programs for injured workers even if they were not injured on the job, according to a study by Prudential Insurance Co. of America. Many employers have a return-to-work program for their injured employees because it cuts down on workers' comp claims costs and lets the worker get back to feeling [...]

Employers Tap Technology to Tackle Distracted Driving

Everyone knows the dangers of distracted driving, but the stakes are much higher when the driver of a commercial vehicle is distracted. As a result of this danger, more companies with fleets and commercial drivers are turning to technology to prevent their workers from using their phones while driving. And lately, insurers have started partnering [...]

Safety Strategies for Heavy Equipment

The safe use of heavy equipment is critical when machinery such as bulldozers, graders or ground-moving equipment is used in the construction of new homes, bridges, shopping malls or other commercial buildings. The size and weight of these heavy machines make them extremely hazardous, and proper operation is required to avoid serious injury or death. [...]

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