Use Technology to Prevent Losses and Manage Your Risk

Businesses are increasingly using smartphones and tablets to manage their risks and improve their workplace safety.

An increasing number of applications for these devices — matched with other technologies — can help companies prevent losses, reduce the chances of workplace accidents and manage risk.

There are also a number of innovative apps that allow businesses to identify, report and address safety issues, security risks and other problems remotely.

This technology can make life easier for a company’s risk manager or human resource officers, adding another layer of protection.

Onsite systems

Mobile devices can now connect to business security and utilities systems. Many security equipment vendors offer apps that give business owners instant information when they’re away from the premises.

For example, the system may send a text alert to a smartphone if a security camera picks up sudden movements. Other systems communicate via apps that will send alerts to you on your phone in similar situations.

Other products may stream videos from multiple security cameras to a smartphone app, enabling the owner or personnel to keep an eye on the premises during off hours. This real-time information can help business owners limit the size of losses.

For example, a system might send a text alert when it detects a leak in the building’s plumbing system. Once alerted, the building owner can shut off the water remotely or in person, thus limiting the extent of the damage.

Video from cameras that monitor the premises can also be saved and used in helping businesses and police recover stolen property. A coffee manufacturer in Portland, Oregon, implemented a system like this.

Weeks after installation, the company recorded video of a burglar stealing thousands of dollars in equipment. The owners downloaded the video, sent it to the local police and posted it on social media channels. The video produced a full criminal investigation, arrest and conviction.

Risk management apps

There are several noteworthy applications on the market that businesses can use to manage their risks and workplace safety. The apps make it easy for employees to communicate with management about possible hazards that could lead to injuries in the workplace, particularly for employers with multiple locations or far-flung operations.

All of the following are available for both the iPhone and Android operating systems.

RiskReporter — This app is designed to help risk managers keep track of their organization’s potential risks. Users can record risk-related events as they occur and e-mail them to supervisors, all the while noting suggested risk-control measures and action plans.

Origami Mobile — The app enables risk professionals, employees and contractors to conduct job site audits and inspections and report incidents from locations nationwide even in instances where Wi-Fi is unavailable.

Users are able to detect and report workplace operational hazards and behavior trends, monitor effectiveness of safety programs, gather and leverage real-time incident data and provide coaching and training services to workers.

Kizeo Forms —This app allows users to customize components of the app specifically to their workplace. Its main function is the ability to report incidents from remote locations. Features include geolocation and the ability to fill out data from remote customer locations without internet.

The app also includes features like:

  • Remote near-miss reporting
  • Remote security log
  • Remote risk assessment
  • Remote check of personal protective equipment
  • Ergonomics inspection.

Risk Assessor —This app lets you create detailed safety reports from your phone or tablet. You can brand up the reports with your company details and create a bespoke hazard and control list to suit your business.

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