Why Every Business Needs Hired and Non-Owned Auto Coverage

Even if you have company cars or a fleet of vans, occasions may arise that require an employee to run an errand in their personal vehicle or one of your employees needs to rent a car while on a business trip visiting a client. In these circumstances if you don't have the proper coverage, you [...]

Don’t Get Caught Holding the Bag If Your Company Is Sued

There is no set formula regarding how much liability insurance a business needs. However, the more coverage you have, the more bulletproof your company becomes. If you are running a very successful business, you will probably want minimal disruption if an incident occurs in which you may be seen as liable. Therefore, the more coverage [...]

How to Avoid Having Your Cyber Claim Denied

As online threats continue growing, businesses need to consider securing cyber insurance policies that can help defray the costs of an attack on their network or a theft of their employees' or clients' personally identifiable information. For some companies coverage is an absolute necessity. Businesses are faced with increasing threats and cyber criminals are constantly [...]

Work Pressure a Main Cause of Distracted Driving

A new study has found that many people who interact with their mobile phones while behind the wheel do so because of pressure from their bosses to answer calls, emails and text messages even if they are not on the clock. Employers that pressure their staff to respond quickly to work-related messages and calls can [...]

Construction Firm Tips for Avoiding Insurance Disasters

When you're in the construction industry you already have lots to worry about: Keeping your workers safe in one of the most dangerous industries, uninsured or underinsured subcontractors, and finding experienced employees from a shrinking pool of talent. Not only that, but lawsuits lurk in any project, exposing you to serious losses that can threaten [...]

Why Your Firm May Need Professional Liability Coverage

A majority of companies are leaving themselves exposed to lawsuits as they take on high-end professional services work and demands grow for expedited deadlines. In fact, a recent report by Forbes Insights and The Hanover found that 40% of small business owners believe they face professional risks, yet they have not purchased professional liability coverage [...]

New Employees Account for Large Share of Workplace Injuries

A significant share of overall workplace injuries occur during new employees' first year on the job, according to a recent study. The report by Travelers Cos., Inc. found that over a five-year period, injuries to new employees accounted for 35% of all workplace injuries. These injuries resulted in more than 6 million lost workdays, accounting [...]

Cost of Commercial Property Insurance Surges Thanks to Inflation, Climate Change

As climate change continues to create more turbulent weather and natural catastrophes, commercial property insurance rates are still climbing — and the recent surge in inflation is adding fuel to the cost of coverage. While overall commercial property rates increased about 10% on average in 2021, rates surged between 25% and 40% in areas prone [...]

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